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Utilize intelligent data to pioneer a new lead generation strategy for franchisors.

A new data informed approach to finding, attracting, and converting higher quality business inclined candidates.

Can you find potential franchise seekers who meet Financial Capability + Business Ownership Inclination + Actively Seeking Opportunities in REAL time?

DataReveal utilizes an intelligent data model to finally solve this franchise targeting dilemma 

We call these ‘Revealed Audiences

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How does DataReveal work?
DataReveal can identify people who have visited a franchising or business for sale website AND meet a minimum financial qualification
With this data feed we can
Build and Deploy a COMPLETE digital acquisition strategy.
Scale your program to meet aggressive development goals.
Keep your sales team busy with qualified prospects.
Give your opportunity a competitive advantage.
DataReveal Process Benefits

Increase Pipeline of Qualified Candidates

Spend Media Budget More Efficiently

Reduce Deal Speed

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Turn up the heat on growth with DataReveal

Contact WorkWave Agency today to learn more!

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