When Developing a Steady Stream of Qualified, Organic Franchise Prospects is a Strategic Imperative...

(...you'll have to take a different approach.)

To be successful, there's a few things to keep in mind.

1. There's more than enough prospects out there.

2. There are very distinct prospect profiles.

3. Prospects view business ownership as a solution to a problem.

4. Franchising may be a solution to business ownership.

5. It's always a buyers market.

The WorkWave Franchise Lead Generating Process Starts with these Marketplace Truths to: 

1. Build and Deploy a COMPLETE digital acquisition strategy.

2. Keep your sales team busy with qualified prospects.


3. Scale your program to meet aggressive development goals.


4. Give your opportunity a competitive advantage. 

Ready to Transform your Franchise Lead generation Approach?

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How well do you understand the

'Near-term Franchisee' Market?

The 2019 WorkWave 'Near-Term Franchisee' Report Now Available.

First of its kind, national study explores the size, motivators and other important characteristics of the near-term franchisee and business owner market – and how you can use this data it to grow your system.

Inside you'll find:


• How many franchise prospects are out there?

• What are they really like?

• What are their motivations? – hint: it's not what you think!

• How to use this info to tap into to this rich resource.


And so much more!

Download your copy today.



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